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"As a Junior I was very fortunate to be part of a tennis club which should influence me for the rest of my life. Back then all of us juniors were given a warm welcome and our parents and all their friends showed us how to learn, play and love the game then and I still love the game today!


Kerstin Polster - Director KMP Tennis Ltd.

Head Coach

LTA  Licensed Coach (UKCC level 4), RPT European Professional & BTV C-Trainer, RPT & LTA Tutor.

Kerstin started her tennis coaching career in Germany having gained her BTV-C Trainer License and also worked in many European holiday destinations before moving to the UK in 1997. In the UK, Kerstin gained her RPT - National and European Professional certificate and became LTA Licensed (UKCC Level 4).

She moved into Coach Education in 2006 by becoming an RPT Tutor, in 2008/2009 she added the NVQ A1 Assessor, as well as the LTA Tutor qualification.

Kerstin has a Masters in Sports and English and qualifications in Sports Science, Sports Psychology and Coaching Methodology.

Kerstin is available to give individual and group lessons.

Please call on 07866 765505 to book a slot or contact her via email.

Jason - Senior Club Coach

Senior Club Coach & Fitness Professional

LTA Licensed (UKCC level 3) & RPT European Professional

Advanced Level 4 Personal Trainer & Low Back Specialist

Jason joined the Dulwich coaching team in 2003. As Senior Club Coach Jason provides tailored tennis lessons for groups and individuals.

Jason is a fully qualified personal trainer and has been delivering professional fitness for 6 years. He provides various programmes including weight management, strength and conditioning, core stability training and nutrition.  He is also responsible for the Fitness programme of our top two Academy squads.

Jason is available for individual and group lessons. Please call on 07725 314491 or contact him via email.

Tennis Program - Code of Respect

The essence of good discipline is: RESPECT

This Code of Respect system has been adopted from the Andre Agassi Preparatory Academy in Las Vegas and is something that we are keen to promote to our players.

Respect for Authority:  Means to listen to the coaches and others in a position of leadership. Be receptive and willing to listen to advice about your game or about your self as a person.

Respect for Others: Means to respect other players at the club and in your class. Do not talk bad about others or engage in gossip. Do not cheat with your score in class or during a match.

Respect for Self: Means no negative self-talk. Do not cut your self or your abilities down. Do not demean your self or talk to yourself in a manner that you would not want others to do. Be aware and proud of your strengths.

Respect for Rules: Means to know and obey the rules of the Tennis Centre. Do not look for ways to undermine or avoid the rules.

Accept responsibility for your own actions and do not blame others for your mistakes.

Today my aim is to recreate that friendly environment I experienced and offer it to as many juniors and adults as I can so they can enjoy the same happiness on and off court. I, and my coaching staff,  would like to offer the opportunity for everyone to attain their full potential by becoming technically sound, tactically aware, physically fit, mentally attuned and most importantly, to have fun and enjoy the game."

Kerstin Polster

KMP Tennis Ltd, Director